domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

Happy Birthday Mom! And I'm still the king of presents :D

Today, 9th of March, is my mom's birthday! It's always a great party at home that we celebrate with our relatives but this year, as it happened too in some of the previous, I'm not at home, I'm 1500 km away.

I can't express in few words how important in my life she is for me and my dad, whom she everyday takes care of, so she simply deserves the best and only the best.

When I was at home in Christmas I didn't know how long I would stay in Germany or if I were able to be at home by today, so I decided to use some imagination with the present (and those who have 'suffered' me know what I'm talking about! :P ) and to be a little bit cautious. Thanks my mom wanted to embrace the new technologies I could experiment myself this great feeling I'm sharing with you.

So, 9 am, the sun shines in Germany, I can't no longer sleep and I suppose that my parents would have breakfast by this time. Facetime, I choose you!!
Ring riiiinnggg... riiingg ringgg...
- Oh what is that? A videocall? Hey I can see you, my son!
- Hello mom!! Happy birthday!! Now switch on the camera, ok, ok, I can see you now! How're you doing? I've got a present for ya!!
-Wait! The breakfast for your dad is burning!!
And then I can see, because she holds the phone with her hand how she runs to the kitchen and saves what is left from a toast, a pretty dark toast XD I could almost smell it!
-Ok ok, where were we, that you've got a present for me?? but how??
-Yes of course I have a present for you mom, it's your birthday so I must give you one!
-But but how??
-Head to my room and there I see you.
I cannot describe how, but I could always see her face in the way through the corridor and what she made at every time, and this feeling is so great!!
Once in my room, lights on:
-Ok mom, sit down in my bed and please point the camera towards my bookshelf. Good, now wake up and look in the third stage between my bunch of worldwide postcards, pics from where I was a child, some books and folders...
-OH I can see that!!??
She picked off the shelf a DVD case which was 'hidden' because the name was backwards and nothing could be read from outside. The face of happiness and laughs were totally great!! :D

My present was a 'simple' film I bought and placed there in Christmas. As I have already mentioned in previous entries, giving yourself is always the best as a present and she deserves it! Watching her thanks to technology was really awesome!!

Love you mom, happy birthday!! Hope to be back home the sooner, the better!!

PD.: I wrote this entry in English because I must practice it more! So excuse me if there are grammar or spelling errors!

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